A complete list of my publications. Clicking on the title leads to the journal version, clicking on the arXiv-data leads to the abstract of the article as available on The arXiv version is identical to the published one up to minor details (layout, corrected typos,...).


  • Angel Ballesteros, Catherine Meusburger, Pedro Naranjo, AdS Poisson homogeneous spaces and Drinfel'd doubles, arXiv:1701.04902 [math-ph]
  • Nils Carqueville, Catherine Meusburger, Gregor Schaumann,                                               3-dimensional defect TQFTs and their tricategoriesarxiv:1603.01171[math.QA]
  • John W. Barrett, Catherine Meusburger, Gregor Schaumann, Gray categories with duals and their diagrams, arXiv:1211.0529[math.QA], to appear in Adv. Math.


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Conference proceedings

  • C. Meusburger,  Three-dimensional gravity - an application of Felix Klein´s ideas in physics, to appear in the Proceedings of the Workshop 90è rencontre entre physiciens théoriciens et mathématiciens: Lie et Klein; le programme d’Erlangen et son impact en physique et en mathématique

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