Research interests

  • Representation theory of Lie groups and Lie algebras
    • Branching laws for unitary representations
    • Intertwining operators and multiplicities
    • Harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces
  • Connections to
    • Number theory and Automorphic forms
    • Boundary value problems and Poisson transforms
    • Special functions and spectral decompositions


  • An extension problem related to the fractional Branson-Gover operators (joint w/ B. Ørsted, G. Zhang)
    preprint (2019), available at arXiv:1904.03073.
  • Symmetry breaking operators for real reductive groups of rank one (joint w/ C. Weiske)
    preprint (2018), available at arXiv:1812.00697.
  • Appendix to Holomorphic torsion with coefficients and geometric zeta functions for certain Hermitian locally symmetric manifolds (by H. Moscovici and R. Stanton)
    preprint (2018), available at arXiv:1802.08886.
  • A minimal representation of the orthosymplectic Lie superalgebra (joint w/ S. Barbier)
    preprint (2017), available at arXiv:1710.07271.
  • Symmetry breaking operators for strongly spherical reductive pairs
    preprint (2017), available at arXiv:1705.06109.
  • Knapp-Stein type intertwining operators for symmetric pairs II. - The translation principle and intertwining operators for spinors (joint w/ B. Ørsted)
    preprint (2017), available at arXiv:1702.02326.


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